Hayley Page created Eat for Fit (ABN 5692487338)  in her final year, studying a bachelor in Nutritional Medicine. She has focused on weight loss and sports nutrition during this time. This is a big passion of hers, with close family have been or currently being in the elite level of their chosen sports. But would ideally like to get into the extensive but exciting industry of corporate nutrition to compliment the sports nutrition. Helping all companies little or small with less sick days, while creating happy and healthy employees, that are more excited to come to work and ultimately having more energy to be productive at the office.

Having some previous experience in a gym setting, advising clients and giving little seminars about all sports nutrition related topics including protein, pre workouts, supplements and carb cycling to name a few. This was the perfect experience to confirm her passion of sports nutrition.

Currently completing her Masters in Human Nutrition at Deakin University, she looks forwards to opening up more opportunities and expanding the business further into new fields and passing on the extra knowledge taught to the clients present and future.

Previously before starting the degree Hayley was a successful Personal Assistant to a General Manager of a solar company. She completed a Certificate IV in business administration. Winning an award for her studies as  “trainee of the year” with Victoria University.


Her interests:

The 3 F’s

Food –  (obviously!) need I say more.

Fitness – Playing netball for Thomastown Netball Club. Playing tennis at Oak Park Tennis Club and a 3 day a week gym program.

Fun – Going on adventures with her friends and dog Alice as well as knitting or reading.



Australian Natural Therapist Association – ANTA (14965)

Blackmore’s professional – Celloids (Mineral Therapy)


Other Certificates:

Working with Children Check

First Aid Certificate




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